We get your property rented. We minimize rent losses because we do a thorough job of marketing your property to prospective tenants.

  • We use the latest advertising media.Our “For Rent” signs are the most distinctive in the industry and most of our vacancies are filled from sign calls.
  • We “sell” our properties to prospective tenants. We personally show the properties to interested parties and motivate them to rent. We treat our prospective tenants as valuable clients.

We screen tenants thoroughly. Our tenant screening process is the best in the industry. We start with a very comprehensive application form. We send the applicant information to “Tenant Guarantors”, a company which specializes in checking the financial and rental backgrounds of tenant applicants. We review the recommendation made by Tenant Guarantors, make our own additional inquiries, and then rent to the applicant only after they have met all of the criteria we require. Our eviction to rent-up ratio is very low because we rigorously qualify tenants before we rent to them.

We utilize a very comprehensive rental agreement. Our tenant contract is a product of many years of management experience. It provides our owners with a high degree of protection against a wide variety of possible problems. We also have a complete library of legal documents which are tailored for various types of tenant situations.

We are maintenance experts. We have working relationships with many contractors, painters, electricians, gardeners, and handymen. We always use highly qualified, yet reasonably priced personnel to get maintenance jobs done right. Since we deal with maintenance problems on a daily basis, we know how much repairs should cost and how long they will take to complete. you’ll come to appreciate the rigorous process we go through to carefully evaluate the necessity of every expense, making use of our negotiating skills and industry relationships, developed over many years. These are tangible benefits that result in real savings over the short and long terms..

We practice preventive maintenance. We help avoid costly repairs by routinely inspecting your property, and we regularly perform preventive maintenance tasks to remedy small problems before they become large ones.

We keep you informed. Generating clear, transparent, monthly financial statements is something else we’re scrupulous about. You will always be able to track the cash flow of your assets because we will always keep you apprised of precisely what’s coming in and exactly what’s going out

  • We keep up-to-date on rental market conditions and adjust rents accordingly.
  • You receive current financial reports online and we provide all bookkeeping and tax information at the end of the year.
  • We provide leases that are compliant with the most current regulations.
  • We inspect your investment on a regular basis and provide repairs at a competitive rate with our experienced maintenance crew.
  • We perform move in/out inspections and conduct smoke & CO2 detector inspections regularly.
  • We have Realtors that can help you sell or buy more properties to increase/protect your wealth.
  • We have Lenders and Loan Officers that are professional and honest to help you save on interest rates with a refinance or a new purchase.
  • We have a support team of attorneys that keep your expenses minimized.